Friday, January 6, 2017

Distro Remaining Copies of Implodes "Reverser" 12"

Originally released on Gilead Media, we have a few copies of the 2015 EP Reverser. Black and color (while supplies last) vinyl are available. More information...

"... a masterful new album that seamlessly fuses folk, black metal, psychedelia, shoegaze and POPUL VUH. Like a blurred half-remembered dream, 'Reverser' will haunt your waking hours. The music is warm and lush with a hint of melancholy and occasionaly blasts of fuzz that veer toward MY BLOODY VALENTINE. Features members of SLINT (live band), ANGEL OLSEN band, MAYOR DALEY and solo artist KEN CAMDEN." 
Reckless Records

Following their two full-length releases with Kranky Records, Black Earth in 2011 and Recurring Dream in 2013, Reverser is presented as a 45 rpm 12″ with a download code included. The album was mastered by Chicago Mastering service and pressed by Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, OH. 

It is limited to 375 copies on black, opaque purple/pink blend, and transparent gold vinyl. 

$15 + shipping 
send orders to emily at reckless dot com

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