Saturday, November 16, 2013

Félicia Atkinson "With Her Own Hands" (Shelter Press)


#024 / With Her Own Hands by Félicia Atkinson

1 tracks / 18:00 min / One side 12′ LP / 33 rpm / 2013 / first edition of 100 copies / color cover printed on plastic sheet / Artwork by the artist. 

50 copies on dark clear blue with a hint of gold 
50 copies on gold with a hint of black

Mastered by Brian Pyle / Co-release with Lieu-Communart Center.
€20 – £26 – $17 / Out Of Print


"Let’s say it’s a narrative drift, the last whisper of an Ophelia lost in the shore, some sounds escaping from a broken window, a vague a l’ame caught in the syphon, some breads unknotted by mistake.

You know, a one side vinyl is a kind of second- handed moon, shining in the dust of thrift store, belonging to a suburban galaxy: you might need to hitch hike and lose you left shoe to travel in time.

18 mn or so, it’s a walk from home until the bridge, 9 subways stations, 25 kisses, an apple crumble baking in the oven, a summer nap, 3 extra minutes before being tired of waiting. It’s a gem, a glass eye, a melting ice cube, a lost tooth, a traveling secret, a kind of chanting ring. "

Félicia Atkinson, September 2013
With Her Own Hands is a limited edition vinyl published for the exhibition L’attraction Minérale, Toulouse, May 2013.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sensum and Clunch EP (Holodeck) 

Sensum and Clunch EP 
(HD019, CS26)
Released August 2013
Art by Chris King

1. Tiny Grains Of 06:19 
2. Stealing Reason 06:40 
3. Strawberry Days 03:37 
4. Black Train Jack 14:45