Thursday, September 26, 2013

Implodes/ Psychic TV/ Silver Abuse show, Chicago

Friday, November 1 8:00p
Reggies Chicago 2105 S State

Psychic TV: Fronted by performance artist, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Psychic TV (born out of Industrial Music pioneers, Throbbing Gristle) made highly innovative and provocative music from the early 80’s to mid-90’s, blending elements of psychedelia and dance with Industrial sounds (known as “hyperdelic”). In 2003, drummer Edley ODowd of the legendary NYC rock band Toilet Boys persuaded Genesis to rekindle her rock spirit and Psychic TV, which became known as “PTV3”.

Implodes: Implodes is a Chicago quartet...
that has coalesced around guitarists Matt Jencik and Ken Camden in the last few years, with the group settling on their current lineup in 2009. The group has been hunkered down in a secret location, hard at work honing their craft, and occasionally venturing out for signs of intelligent life in the real world, as well as the increasingly frequent live show. The first pronouncement from the group was a 2009 self-titled cassette, followed by a solo album from guitarist Ken Camden on Kranky entitled Lethargy & Repercussions in early 2010.

Silver Abuse: Silver Abuse was one of the original punk bands in Chicago, forming in 1977. There were various versions of Silver Abuse, but the original version starred lifetime member Bill Meehan, along with Santiago Durango and Camilo Gonzalez, early members of Naked Raygun. After the original version of Silver Abuse disbanded in the late 70s, most of the members of SA formed The Wayouts!. Even though The Wayouts! included many of the same members of Silver Abuse, their lazer-sharp sardonic and cartoonish one-minute pop missives varied so greatly from Silver Abuse's sloppy yet spot-on political and social dissections, that they are best not included in the greater Silver Abuse beastiary. Some of The Wayouts!' members became Silver Abuse again after their last show on New Year's Eve, 1980. There was also a later spin-off group called Burden of Friendship.

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