Thursday, August 8, 2013

Marisa Anderson Chicago Performance

Reckless Records is happy to announce an in-store with guitarist Marisa Anderson who has released albums on Mississippi Records and most recently is featured on a split 7" with Elizabeth Cotten.

Friday, October 4
Reckless Records
3126 N Broadway

Chicago, IL

The follow-up to 2009s "Golden Hour," which featured mostly blues driven instrumentals, is more in the vein Appalachian folk songs. Deep panning tremolo on what we hope is a vintage Fender amplifier hums out raga style meditations and schools us in both archtop and lap guitars. Pre-war blues, mountain melodies and finger picked folk can all be found on her recent LP solidifying Anderson as a premier guitarist in contemporary and revival genres. Gathered from hours of home-recorded live improvisations, "Mercury" is very much alive and the growth and changes are palpable. She has the distinction of being one of the few contemporary musicians on Mississippi Records.

They will have the 7", which is a benefit for KBOO Community Radio, and her LPs on hand for purchase.

Description of the split 7" ...

"The brilliant Elizabeth Cotten played at the Euphoria Tavern in Portland February 19, 1975. KBOO broadcast the show live, and the songs on this record are from that performance. We do not know the titles, as they were not announced, and are not released on any of her other recordings. Marisa Anderson arranged and recorded this solo guitar performance of three traditional songs on March 30, 2013. Called Canaan's Land, you'll hear the incredible technical skill and emotionally fluid style Marisa brings to her art, which makes us proud to have her as the first KBOO Artist in Residence."

Be sure to see her show at the Hideout on October 4 as well.

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