Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BOMB BANKS Tape Release Show

BOMB BANKS Not People Release Show

Wednesday, January 16 10p
$8 or Free with RSVP at Ticketweb

Additional Info via the Empty Bottle:

"Local rabble rousers BOMB BANKS are celebrating the release of their new tape Not People on local label Love Lion. Supremely damaged art-punk for today's lost and wasted youth, BOMB BANKS build their songs in a fury of fractured guitar lines, propulsive, robotic drums and wailing, half-strangled vocals that shock and awe listeners before sending them into maniacal fits of joy. Though they hail from the land of the nice, Minnesota's DIVA 93 makes spooky, demented electronic music for only the most cold-hearted listeners. MR. 666, the dark, droney synth project of MICHAEL PERKINS, returns to the Bottle tonight. Their first 12" is available at various record stores around the city and has been praised by Mishka as an awesome doomy Krautrock/Italiano synth masterpiece, riffing along like John Carpenter on speed sailing the seas of an analogue interweb.  Newcomer LOON LUNA opens tonight's extravaganza."

Check out the review by John Yingling for IMPOSE.

*Special Thank Yous to Matt, Bret, and Bomb Banks for getting this together.

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