Friday, August 10, 2012

Thank You.

Big chunks of gratitude are in order to cap a great tour. Thank you to Kelly and Paul, my fellow tone-lords, for working to construct a pulsing, landscape of sound. Hearts around the Dreebs, Brady, and Skoal Kodiak as well.

First and foremost Chicago, the Hecks gentlemen, Kyle Reynolds, Reversible Eye Gallery. Minneapolis, Nick and Eddie's, Seward Cafe, Hard Times. Kansas City, Libby, Steve, Mookie, Anna, Danni, Genghis Khan, Meat Mist. Columbia, Hair Hole Practice Spaces and Entertainment Inc. Saint Louie, Patsy, Pig Slop, Bug Chaser, Serhii. The most-beautiful-New Orleans, Christopher, Ali, Bryan Funck, Mary, OR-lan (your name is hard to spell), Abby, Sunshine and Eric Martinez, and Lovey Dovies. Memphis' blended shakes. Chattanooga, your cults are strong. Asheville, Michelle, Cherokee National Park, the Toy Boat folks (and hounds). Baltimore, Chris Day, the Bell Foundry, Microkingdom and House Dress. New York, New York, The Hose house, Jessica Calvanico, Jesse, Chris Pappas, TANK/Grandma, James Ardery, Mr. Meadows, Florida. Pawtucket, Reba Mitchell, Machines With Magnets, Our Daily Fix (wow). Boston, Jamaica Pond, Sam Potrykus' empire, the Whitehaus, City Feed, Butcher Shoppe. Pittsburgh, Caliente's, Anthony Decanini and Ben Grubb.

Poster by Chris Day

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