Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shank God's "Helpful" Now Available

From the partially cryogenically frozen head of Geffika and the muscle behind Chicago outfit Life Partner comes this solo project by Geoff Thais, Shank God. Part cats on keyboards, looped electronics and live drums "Helpful" forms into one ugly monster of an album. With "Ppendage" the album hooks you in with a cyclical pop number which then introduces you to the soggy ooze that is "Naked Scraper." Before you know it, you are knee deep into Thais' underworld of sound with the industrial and anxious track, "Worried" hissing in the corridors of your mind.
*Trivia* this is the soundtrack to how robots are made... and is suitable listening for those attracted to New Order, Voivod, or Brazilian punx As Mercenarias.

Please, email emily (at) reckless (dot) com with inquiries or visit for mail order. $5

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