Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Woodpecker Wooliams LP Due in October

Woodpecker Wooliams' new album will be available for sale in October via Robot Elephant Records.

Pressing Information
12" Vinyl Version: Release Date October 15, limited to 200 copies and will come in a special hand-printed sleeve.

1 Red Kite
2 Gull
3 Sparrow
4 Magpie
5 Crow
6 Dove
7 Hummingbird 

Robot Elephant Records

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Giving Up/Meah Tour 2012

The ones that say unbooked still need a helping hand.
Email suggestions to geoffthais (at) gmail (dot) com

8/31 Chicago @ Roxaboxen with Brain idea and Heavy times
9/1 Michigan
9/2 Cleveland with Filmstrip
9/3 Pittsburgh @ Kopec's Bar
9/4 NYC @ Death By Audio with Mail the Horse
9/5 (unbooked) Burlingto, VT
9/6 Boston with Kal Marks
9/7 Worcester @ Distant Castle with Kal Marks
9/8 Harrisburg house show
9/9 Philadelphia house show
9/10 (unbooked) Baltimore
9/11 Richmond
9/12 Chapel Hill with Last Years Men
9/13 (unbooked) Nashville
9/14 (unbooked) Louisville
9/15 (unbooked) Indianapolis
9/16 to 9/19 Iowa (unbooked)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cropped Out Festival III

Art by Mikie Poland

It is time again for the Third Annual CROPPED OUT FESTIVAL 
@ American Turners (3125 River Road, Louisville, Kentucky) 
SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2012

Now, a direct message...

"You read it right, folks! The time is yet again upon us. Cropped Out's annual extravaganza is back for 2012. This Fall (September 28th-29th), we will be taking over the American Turners Club -- our home for year one, as a few (literally, a few) of you might remember. Last year at the Crummy Den was not only a blast but also a milestone for us as an organization. However, as fun as it was watching Scratch Acid play in a crowded warehouse shortly after cops accosted them at gunpoint, having mistaken them as armed robbers, we decided it was time to take our festival back to more "welcoming" grounds of operation.

As always, we've carefully chosen a solid stash of local, national, and international performing artists to spotlight in our hometown of Louisville, KY. There will also be a familiar face or two from festivals past, along with the usual tricks up our sleeve.

Our third year kicks off at over 30 bands spread across 3 days (two main days with an unforgettable closing party at on Sunday, September 30). A short list of attractions lined up for Friday and Saturday include the proto-doo-wop sass of Chain & The Gang led by DC legend Ian Svenonius (The Make-Up/Nation of Ulysses), a very rare performance from elusive Texan blues/folk outsider Jandek, the silky lo-fi New Wave croon of Tampa, Florida's Merchandise (featuring members of the late great Cult Ritual), the bitingly sour, self-deprecrating social stabs of "World's Funnyman" Neil Hamburger, live music by David Liebe Hart of Adult Swim's "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job," and as always, plenty of organically grown, freshly picked, fairly traded locals like Twin Sister Radio, Gangly Youth, and Kark, just to name a few...

Cropped Out 2012's closing party will celebrate the work of legendary guitarist and Louisville native David Pajo with a very special performance by Papa M at Workhouse Ballroom (aka "The Cave"). Opening the evening's event will be Brooklyn-based composer and lutenist Jozef Van Wissem (who most recently gained attention for his collaborative work with filmmaker Jim Jarmusch) and one of our very favorite songwriters around, Lexington, KY's James Jackson Toth, known to many as Wooden Wand.
Tickets are limited and may not be combined with Friday/Saturday passes!"


Ashcan Orchestra (Brooklyn, NY)
Binary Marketing Show (Little Rock, AR)
Buck Gooter (Harrisonburg, VA)
Black Kaspar (Louisville, KY)
Cave Bears (Providence, RI)
Chain & The Gang (Washington, DC)
Cool Memories (Chicago, IL)
Crys (Indianapolis, IN)
Dahm of Phantom Family Halo (Brooklyn, NY)
David Liebe Hart Band (Los Angeles, CA)
Disco Doom (Zurich, Switzerland)
Eugene Chadbourne (Greensboro, NC)
Gangly Youth (Louisville, KY)
Globsters (Hazard, KY)
Guerilla Toss (Boston, MA)
Jandek (Houston, TX) 
Jozef Van Wissem (Brooklyn, NY)
Kark (Louisville, KY) 
Lantern (Philadelphia, PA) 
Merchandise (Tampa, FL)
Michael Zerang/Darin Gray Duo (Chicago, IL/St. Louis, MO)
Microwaves (Pittsburgh, PA)
Neil Hamburger (Los Angeles, CA)
Papa M (Philadelphia, PA)
PC Worship (Brooklyn, NY)
R. Stevie Moore (Nashville, TN)
Raw Thug (Louisville, KY)
The Ritchie White Orchestra (Louisville, KY)
The Sediment Club (Brooklyn, NY)
Shaved Women (St. Louis, MO)
She Might Bite (Louisville, KY)
Slug Guts (Brisbane, Australia) 
Street Gnar (Lexington, KY)
TV Ghost (Lafayette, IN) 
Wet (Louisville, KY) 
White Walls (Cincinnati, OH) 
Wooden Wand (Lexington, KY)
& others to be announced!


FRIDAY: Buck Gooter, Chain & The Gang, Crys, Disco Doom, Eugene Chadbourne, Gangly Youth, Jandek, Lantern, Microwaves, The Ritchie White Orchestra, Sediment Club, She Might Bite, Slug Guts, Street Gnar, TV Ghost, Twin Sister Radio

SATURDAY: Ashcan Orchestra, Binary Marketing Show, Black Kaspar, Cave Bears, Cool Memories, Dahm Cipolla, David Liebe Hart Band, Globsters, Guerilla Toss, Kark, Merchandise, Michael Zerang/Darin Gray, Neil Hamburger, PC Worship, R Stevie Moore, Raw Thug, Shaved Women, Wet, White Walls

SUNDAY NIGHT (CLOSING PARTY): Papa M, Wooden Wand, Jozef Van Wissem
Grip Those Tix

Friday, August 10, 2012

Thank You.

Big chunks of gratitude are in order to cap a great tour. Thank you to Kelly and Paul, my fellow tone-lords, for working to construct a pulsing, landscape of sound. Hearts around the Dreebs, Brady, and Skoal Kodiak as well.

First and foremost Chicago, the Hecks gentlemen, Kyle Reynolds, Reversible Eye Gallery. Minneapolis, Nick and Eddie's, Seward Cafe, Hard Times. Kansas City, Libby, Steve, Mookie, Anna, Danni, Genghis Khan, Meat Mist. Columbia, Hair Hole Practice Spaces and Entertainment Inc. Saint Louie, Patsy, Pig Slop, Bug Chaser, Serhii. The most-beautiful-New Orleans, Christopher, Ali, Bryan Funck, Mary, OR-lan (your name is hard to spell), Abby, Sunshine and Eric Martinez, and Lovey Dovies. Memphis' blended shakes. Chattanooga, your cults are strong. Asheville, Michelle, Cherokee National Park, the Toy Boat folks (and hounds). Baltimore, Chris Day, the Bell Foundry, Microkingdom and House Dress. New York, New York, The Hose house, Jessica Calvanico, Jesse, Chris Pappas, TANK/Grandma, James Ardery, Mr. Meadows, Florida. Pawtucket, Reba Mitchell, Machines With Magnets, Our Daily Fix (wow). Boston, Jamaica Pond, Sam Potrykus' empire, the Whitehaus, City Feed, Butcher Shoppe. Pittsburgh, Caliente's, Anthony Decanini and Ben Grubb.

Poster by Chris Day

Woodpecker Wooliams Video for "Sparrow"

Treat yourself to the new video of the Woodpecker Wooliams track "Sparrow" from her forthcoming LP The Bird School of Being Human.

"'Sparrow' is taken from Woodpecker Wooliams imminent new album The Bird School Of Being Human. Of all the birds that came forward for School, 'Sparrow' is the most viscous, reflected in its sonic disparity from the others. With a nod to Dolly's 'Little Sparrow', it continues that theme with a splattering of cultural influence from Chairman Mao's famous Great Sparrow Massacre campaign."

The Bird School Of Being Human is released on September 10th on Robot Elephant Records.

Filmed and edited by Sam Williams.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Angel Olsen Set To Release "Half Way Home" LP (Bathetic)

After considerable touring and recording with Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Angel Olsen has a new solo LP (accompanied by Emmett Kelly) primed for release on the Bathetic imprint. The official release date is the first week in September but you can also check in with Bathetic to order via their website. Artwork by Galactic Zoo Dossier head, Steve Krakow.

Reckless Records of Chicago (1532 N Milwaukee Ave) invites you to the free Angel Olsen in-store scheduled for Tuesday, September 4 at 5p.

Copies of the album will be available for sale. 
Pitchfork Review of "Acrobat"

Shank God's "Helpful" Now Available

From the partially cryogenically frozen head of Geffika and the muscle behind Chicago outfit Life Partner comes this solo project by Geoff Thais, Shank God. Part cats on keyboards, looped electronics and live drums "Helpful" forms into one ugly monster of an album. With "Ppendage" the album hooks you in with a cyclical pop number which then introduces you to the soggy ooze that is "Naked Scraper." Before you know it, you are knee deep into Thais' underworld of sound with the industrial and anxious track, "Worried" hissing in the corridors of your mind.
*Trivia* this is the soundtrack to how robots are made... and is suitable listening for those attracted to New Order, Voivod, or Brazilian punx As Mercenarias.

Please, email emily (at) reckless (dot) com with inquiries or visit reckless.com for mail order. $5