Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Geffika split LP with Skimask

Geffika / Skimask Split LP (Sophomore Lounge)

Geffika side, Oh hey, "Houdini," "Killing Technology," and "Pussy Whipped" fans you will like this band. This second offering by Chicago duo, Geffika, is another tutorial in the mud, mire, and ooze of heavy music. L.A. natives, Jessica Calvanico and Geoff Thais, have assembled these lengthy tracks in their practice den (tea room) and help spread their sludgy gospel with help from Skimask. 
Skimask, the sludge continues but only as a base coat to the extreme fuzz and energy that makes up this Boston group's sound. Not unlike Load Records artists, Skimask pummel you with their songs and make no bones about it. Electronic textures mingle in between the squall of live drums, guitar and gritty (yet provocative) vocals making for a enjoyable (yet hung over) experience. 

Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies with silk-screened sleeves on Sophomore Lounge (Wishgift, Geffika, Fielded, Animal City, Slow Horse).

Available from Sophomore Lounge or Reckless Records

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