Saturday, October 30, 2010

We are happy to announce that the next tape in the Love Lion (LL3) roster is Portland, Oregon's Purple Rhinestone Eagle! Look for the cassette version of their Stank House Records release, The Great Return, due out in November/December.

Some review vibes:

"Portland, Oregon's Purple Rhinestone Eagle are carrying the torch and continuing the rich tradition of Black Sabbath-style metal that can be appreciated by all who have admired wizardry, gems and stones of all cuts and origins, and the gritty battle fields of the riff. This power trio wields heavy riffs, gnarly tones, and lyrics any Sleep fan can grab a hold of as they fold over into the under belly of a bong rip. Sludge Riffs + all female line-up + Crystal Worship + songs about burning down monoliths and empires = your new favorite album, The Great Return." Reckless Records

"Purple Rhinestone Eagle are the new soldiers of the feminist armageddon. The Great Return is the soundtrack generated from the explosion and the beautiful aftermath left in its wake. This Portland OR trio use a cornucopia of psych and metal influences and mix them together in a medieval cauldron, the result being a mastery of the psychedelkic craft and a fully realized collection of songs and rhythms celebrating the power and sensuality of woman or more importantly, humanity...This writer is not one to overemphasize gender but only a few sister bands like Quixotic, Lozen, and Afrirampo come close to the grandeur that PRE are able to conjure, but the Eagles spectrum of musicality stretch further than even most of their male counterparts." - Chris Sutton (Hornet Leg, Dub Narcotic Sound System, The Gossip)/Shotgun Seamstress Zine

Love Lion

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cropped Out, A Perspective

Here is a short review of the first annual Cropped Out Festival. Good times...


Seekers of the Tone,
I cannot express how much fun this Louisville conceived (Chicago inundated) festival was this past weekend. Granted, there were a few weather set-backs, but the majority of the fest included stellar company, bands, and experiences. I wanted to share a few highlights before the pictures start rolling in from the various cameras that were on site. I hope my enthusiasm translates because ultimately all a music lover really wants to do is be pummeled (or embraced) by 12 consecutive hours of music, to buy records and talk with the bands you enjoy, and to get "lifted" while camping in a yard near the Ohio River.
One Humble Musical Necromancer,
Chapter One, Tent City aka The Davis' Are Angels
Two a.m. is a hell of a time to descend on the scene of "Tent City" but Sabrina and others helped throughout the day (and weekend) to make everyone's stay organized and comfortable. I wish my parents were as cool with the gathering of sundry persons that assembled in their yard to ultimately descend on the first Cropped Out fest.
Chapter Two, Ski Mask Is A Mask That Covers Your Breathing
Ski Mask it was fun shopping with you in Ear X-tacy. I picked up the progressive, polyphonic synthesizer space jams pictured below. PS - Mistake Baby is a concept band developed on festival premises by Dad, Mom (a dream band), Putting Out, and Geffika. Speaking of, look for a Geffika/Ski Mask split sometime in the future.
Robert Mason - Intergalactic Trot, 1973.
Chapter Three, Wishgifts Are the Gifts That Keep On Giving
Chapter Four, Cacaw
Believe the hype! Two bassists, guitar-vocalist, and drum set-ups are my new favorite way to play.
Cacaw cassette, soon to be at Reckless Records...
Chapter Five, Pissed Jeans Can Move Eight Balls With Their Mind
Why does Dave Rosenstrauss and Pissed Jeans leave a crater under foot after their performances? He bit himself... enough said.
Chapter Six, THE Heavy Cream
This Nashville trio, and proponents of "angry dancing," should not be allowed to be in this band together. Too powerful, too strong.
Their debut album Danny is on Infinity Cat Records.
Chapter Seven, Antoine the Security Officer
The security officers on site were far too nice. Antoine, I can dunk, really. Playing b-ball with members of Animal City, the Diko's, et al was a treat. Ellyn is one hell of an athlete.
Chapter Eight, Tinsel Teeth: The Cosmic Drag
Rarely does a performance engage the gamut of senses, but Providence, Rhode Islands' Tinsel Teeth brought the pain. Fake blood, dildo worship, monitor humping, audience member assaulting - it was all there. My patented "hoodie drag" was worked into the set. I have the blood stains to prove it.
I luhz you girl. Check out their album "Trash As the Trophy" on Load Records.
Chapter Nine, Blood In The Pickups: Animal City
Dakota you're an animal. Trying to one up Tinsel Teeth evolved an actual head wound. His guitar looked as though it was used as a bludgeoning device. Enjoy your stitches friend.
Chapter Ten, The Final Chapter: Doritos Collisions
Getting mooned in the glow of the "Prizuums'" headlights on a dirt road in the middle of what we deemed "the Badlands" (the windfarm off of I-65) was a perfect closer to a day and a weekend worth remembering. Thanks for the memories Cropped Out. Thank you Kentucky.