Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prepare the for the Geffika tape...

New Geffika cassette coming soon, limited to 90 copies - burgundy tapes! Six tracks of face melting sludge from L.A. homies Jessica Calvanico and Geoff Thais. Any inquiries or orders can be mailed to

Also, check them out on tour (if you have suggestions for places to play on the dates with TBA next to them, please, contact the band):

Blast Beat the East Coast Tour 2010

May 28 9p - Brain Idea, Puttin Out, DAD, and Michael Vallera (Plains Project, Chicago, IL)

June 3 9p - Filmstrip (Happy Dog, Cleveland, OH)
June 4 8p - House Show (165 Greenfield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA)
June 5 - TBA (Washington D.C.)
June 6 - TBA (Baltimore, MD)
June 7 - TBA (Philadelphia, PA)
June 9 - TBA (Providence, RI)
June 11 - TBA (Boston, MA)
June 12 9p - (Pizza Forest in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY)


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